Saturday, May 25, 2013

Week 11: You Want Salt with That? Why we eat what we do... Part 2

We have heard... and heard... and heard about watching how much salt we consume. But, why? Doesn't salt naturally occur in nature and in most foods? Check out the video below and think about this as you watch: Who is responsible for monitoring how much salt we consume?

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((There is usually a commercial before the video starts))

So, here is your question*:

Who's responsibility is it to control how much salt you consume? Should manufacturers/restaurants be responsible for your health? Or is the burden yours? Points to consider:
Where do people that don't know what is or isn't healthy learn about nutrition?
Do restaurants have a responsibility to the public?

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* A Well Constructed response is defined as: Clearly stating your position; defending that position (based on fact and/or opinion); presenting an understandable argument; using as many words as necessary to make your point; not using so few words that your position is not understood; composing a response that is not completely full of grammatical errors and misstatements.

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